Watchwords: law; order; justice; equality; systematic

The OCPD was envisioned and founded by key elite figures in Occam, in an attempt to create a singular, transparent force policing by consent rather than just order.


The major sectioning of officers according to their main cause.

The Watch

Largest single part of the force. Patrolling streets; detective work; first response;

Maintains a station in each controlled district.

  1. Captain
  2. Sergeant
  3. Detective
  4. Officer

The Marshalls

Chases down escaped or especially wily criminals, across district lines and outside the city if necessary.

The Rangers

Patrols the borderlands outside and trade routes to the city.

The Investigators

CSI, with a decidedly magical streak.


While divisions break down work-areas, officers also break down along lines of what they individually focus on. Both the Watch and the Investigators need exorcists.

Anti-Magic – “Dawn Squads”


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