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Sprawling and ancient and dangerous, Occam is the biggest city in the world and history. Many empire’s lands have been bigger, their armies more powerful and their city planning existing. But Occam was there before them and has, despite what seem like lousy odds, remained after most of them.

Built on top of itself for unknown eons, returning to life from natural cataclysms, vengeful gods and righteous invasions. When they say you can always go lower in Occam, they mean it literally.

Some would argue that Occam is not the same city it has been in past ages. Others would argue the vast difference between parts of the city also prevents talk of it as a single unit. Very little formal tradition exists, as it draws people from all over the world into a sprawling mess. Of course, further others say that it is this living nature that IS the core of the city.

Most who live there don’t give a shit.


Delta, The Still, The Labyrinth, Broken Light Park, Dessarin Valley, The High Forest, Kosh


OCPD, The Families, The Wardens, Deepwater, The Occam Times, Vigilantes, Espellere, Sheriffs

Main Page

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